CURRENT: Cut Copy – “Free Your Mind (Spiritualized Remix)”


This is certainly unexpected. J. Spaceman and Spiritualized have remixed the beloved electronica duo Cut Copy and their new single “Free Your Mind.” Spiritualized, coming off the heels of their stunning 2012 album Sweet Heart Sweet Light, take a turn towards left field with their choice to cover the Australian musical duo. While the two acts are near the top of their respective genres, there isn’t much middle ground between the two groups. Yet J. Spaceman and company have completely altered “Free Your Mind”‘s tone, shaping it into something akin to Spiritualized’s shoegaze distortion. When Cut Copy sang the line “You’ve got to reach the sky if you want your life to shine” on the original, it was only a matter of when, not if, you’d reach the sky. But under the the knife of J. Spacemen, that same line carries with it a hint of doubt of ever reaching the destination.

You can stream Spiritualized’s cover of “Free Your Mind” over at Stereogum now. And below, check out the Alexander Skarsgard-featured music video for Cut Copy’s original version of the single.



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