CURRENT: Naomi Pilgrim – “No Gun”


Naomi Pilgrim is certainly conflicted. That much is made clear from the offset of her debut single “No Gun,” as the Swedish singer croons, “I’ve got tons of bullets / but no gun / I have the coolest shades / but where’s the sun? / I found my soulmate / but we’re screwin’ just for fun.” Fortunately, she is able to channel those emotions into a wonderfully crafted 4 minute pop song that has as much depth as her lyrical tumult would imply. The song is held together by solid production from Fredrik Okazaki, which hints at something ethereal and beautiful. Yet the more time you stick with the track, the more it shows its true colors. Pilgrim draws such a fine line between the sound and her words, which take a decidedly darker path further into the track. She’s at first flummoxed after she, “memorized the bible / but there was no God.” “So I popped some speed / but it was too fast / Seemed like a good idea / but now my arm is in a cast,” she sings bluntly. “At least now I know I should stick to grass,” she sings, reflecting on her life choices.

Pilgrim’s time spent in Barbados is also expressed through tropical tones, which are strategically placed throughout the track by Okazaki, lending the song a wholly unique but totally approachable sound. While at first sounding filled with internal conflict, Naomi Pilgrim is more even keeled than one would expect. “Summer wind will turn to snow / that’s all I need to know,” she cooly sings during the second chorus. All good things shall pass. The same can be said of the bad, too.


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