CURRENT: Darkside – “Paper Trails”


The love over here at OK West for Nicolas Jaar knows no bounds. After gifting us with wonderful Space Is Only Noise, as well as fantastic singles such as “Don’t Break My Love,” “And I Say,” and “The Ego,” he’s returned with musical partner Dave Harrington as Darkside to deliver more charitable offerings.

“Paper Trails” marks the second track released from Darkside’s upcoming LP Psychic, and is a surprisingly accessible record following the abstract “Golden Arrow.” Over one of the greatest guitar riffs this year, which is so bluesy and sultry, it almost feels like another person in the room. As beautiful as Jaar’s solo material is, in large part due to its striking minimalism, this collaborative material with Harrington gives his sound something to feed off of, helping give it added weight.

Psychic is out 8 October via Matador Records.

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