CURRENT: Arcade Fire – “Reflektor”


Techno flourishes, adventurous rhythms, minutes-long break down; none of those things come to mind when discussing Arcade Fire; well, at least until the release of “Reflektor,” on Monday night. The James Murphy-produced first single off their new Reflektor LP gives the band more leeway to play around and have fun in their role as musicians, largely forgoing the seriousness that made their first three studio albums such universally acclaimed records.

Lyrically, however, the new song is quintessential Arcade Fire. “We’re so connected / but are we even friends,” asks Win Butler in a direct conflict to the various social media outlets that reinforce the notion that those programs act in a way that unites rather than divides us.

“I thought I found the connector,” sings a hopeful Win Butler later on, before the false premonition unveils itself: “it was just a reflector.”  He’s not looking for someone to parrot his actions, but rather someone to compliment his conflicted personality. Perhaps the things we thought held this all together are just reflections of everything we hope those things to be.


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