CURRENT: Cults – “High Road”

Cults are returning with a new album next month, and they’ve already unleashed the first single, “I Can Hardly Make You Mine.” Now they are back with another new album cut, this one titled “High Road.”

The duo raised to prominence off the strength of singles “Go Outside” and “Abducted” from their self-titled debut (2011), and from the sound of things, Madeline Follin and Brian Oblivion are fully aware of where their strengths lie. That’s not to say “High Road” is a Cults knockoff, it most certainly is not, but it maintains the group’s poppy, lo-fi aesthetic in ways that recall its predecessor while also showing the band’s evolution. Follin’s vocals haven’t lost their innocent delivery, which coupled with rather bleak lyrics, makes “High Road” as captivating as it is crippling. “Shoulda took the high road / now it’s such a long way back,” sings Follin in retrospect. The last minute or so of the song chugs along with a glorious instrumental, the biggest sign of musical growth from Cults.

Static, the sophomore LP from Cults, is out on 15 October via Columbia.


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