ALBUM REVIEW: Washed Out – Paracosm


ARTIST Washed Out

ALBUM Paracosm


RELEASE DATE 13.8.2013

7.7 | 10

Ernest Young’s Washed Out reeled in listeners with dreamy synth pop that now seems like the precursor to one of the largest indie musical movements of the early 21st century. On new album Paracosm, Young isn’t so much at the forefront of a musical force as he is restfully floating all around his contemporaries.

“Entrance” signals the album as gorgeously orchestral in reach, segueing nicely into the first teaser of the album, “It All Feels Right.” The first single is also one of the most immediate numbers here, which along with “All I Know” are the highlights of the record. “Know” throws in a guitar riff slightly reminiscent of the work of U2’s The Edge. It’s sharp, clean tone gives the listener something to grab on to in this sea of musical ambition.

Elsewhere, Young reaches his limits, both lyrically and sonically, such as on “Don’t Give Up” and “Weightless.” Both are rather pedestrian in execution, which while not necessarily horrible, renders them unremarkable. It’s not the most thrilling music, but it’s reassuring in its steadiness. Certainly there are worse legacies to leave behind.


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