CURRENT: Carolyn Malachi – “Fall Winter Spring Summer”



Carolyn Malachi’s new single “Fall Winter Spring Summer” is one of 2013’s best R&B songs, combining effortlessly cool vocals with an equally relaxed sonic backdrop to accompany Malachi in her seasonal journey. “To fall into your winter / means to spring / where my dreams / dare not summer,” the sultry singer coos in the opening seconds of the track. Her lyrics tend to veer into the world of poetry, which is not always the safest bet for a singer-songwriter. Luckily for Malachi, she nails it lyrically, crafting a song that expresses universal emotion while carving out a distinct personality for herself in the process. “I made up the rules as I went along,” she confesses, excusing her actions by singing, “confinement is hell / or what I imagine hell to be.”

Malachi’s confessional lyricism leaves her vulnerable despite the lyrics expressing her strength. But her strength comes from being able to adapt, not remain etched in stone. She’s a dynamic character, in constant readiness for change. She’s Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer. “I am meant to fly,” she confidently sings. She’s capable of anything only because she believes it.


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