CURRENT: Paul McCartney – “New”

Because every musician apparently made a pact saying they’d release music in 2013, we are now getting new music from Sir Paul McCartney in the form of this Mark Ronson-produced lead single, “New,” leading up to the release of New in October. As is the case with all the best songs by The Beatles, there’s a […]

CURRENT: Angel Haze – “Echelon (It’s My Way)”

Angel Haze’s return today with new single “Echelon (It’s My Way)” could have gone one of two ways: a huge disappointment, another example of why record labels need to stop overreaching, or another reminder as to why Angel Haze might be the scariest female emcee in the game right now. It turns out that, over […]

CURRENT: Sam Smith – “Nirvana”

Sam Smith’s star-making turn on Disclosure’s “Latch,” has made it so that every new song from the R&B singer immediately garners buzz from all corners of the globe. “Safe With Me,” had Smith trying his hand at Justin Timberlake-esque soul-pop, while new track “Nirvana” is downright spiritual in execution. Smith has quickly become one of […]

CURRENT: Chela – “Romanticise”

  Melbourne pop singer Chelsea Wheatley records music under the Chela moniker, and after delivering hooks for Goldroom, Clubfeet and Viceroy, she looks ready to drop her first solo single. “Romanticise” is a house-indebted pop gem that sounds like what “Get Lucky” would have had it been performed by a DFA-affiliated artist. Chela’s vocals wander […]

CURRENT: Courtney Barnett – “Avant Gardener”

While the charts in 2013 have been dominated by Macklemore, Justin Timberlake, Robin Thicke, and everything Pharrell touches, and various indie circles continue to flirt with electronica, perhaps the most fruitful vein to emerge in indie music this year is the alt-90’s indebted female rock ‘n roll from Torres, Waxahatchee, and now Courtney Barnett. Torres and Cerulean Salt remain […]

CURRENT: Neko Case – “Night Still Comes”

The latest from Neko Case doesn’t break new territory so much as it reminds us of the simple pleasures of music. “Is it because I’m a girl,” Case asks on the track, a question we shouldn’t have to answer in the 21st century, but do, before she dives headfirst into the cathartic and communal chorus, […]