MIXTAPE REVIEW: Katie Got Bandz – Drillary Clinton

Drillary Clinton artwork
Drillary Clinton artwork

ARTIST Katie Got Bandz

ALBUM Drillary Clinton

LABEL Lawless Inc.

RELEASE DATE 25.6.2013

8.3 | 10

Chicago’s drill scene is quickly emerging as one of the most compelling in hop-hop, and at the forefront stands Chicago female teenage rapper Katie Got Bandz. The youngster sounds years older than her age, commanding the mic in ways some of her male counterparts could only dream of.

Throughout Drillary Clinton (by the far the best album/mixtape name in 2013), Katie asserts herself as an alpha dog, keeping the features at a minimum, and only bringing in rapper to help further her cause. Cannon Da God and BHD show up on “Finnuck,” (as in, “I don’t give a finnuck”) and chomp at the bit to get some time on the mic to rhyme over the hard-hitting beat. She openly taunts her haters on “Y U Mad,” as she spits, “Bitch you mad / why you mad.” As LeBron James would say, Katie “got no worries”; she’s too busy embracing the spotlight.

While Katie certainly opens herself up to a broader audience with Clinton, her producer, Block On Da Trakk, proves himself to be a name to look out for. The ice cold beat on “Finessin’,” the banging “Turn Up My Savage,” and the raucous, club-ready beat that rocks “Boss Bitch” leave an immediate impression the holds up shockingly well on repeated listens.

“Being broke so boring,” she raps over auto-tune on “Foreign.” It’s the most adventurous Katie gets in on her new mix-tape, as she for the most part forgoes the use of auto-tune to show off her natural voice. And that voice is quite compelling, a thought made evident due to the fact that, despite featuring fifteen tracks, the mixtape never once drags, and is certainly never boring. Because of that, her use of auto-tune on “Foreign” turns out to be a welcome departure, as does the Biggie-sampling “Dreams.”

One of the few tracks not produced by Block On Da Trakk (Billionaire Boyscout produces “Dreams” as well as “Bandz”), “Dreams” begins with Katie recalling when she “used to daydream in the projects. Now I’m living those dreams. My dreams are now reality,” before the iconic “Juicy” is sampled, with the track applying Biggie’s line, “It was all a dream” to the sonic backdrop. Her dreams are now reality, but then so are her nightmares. There’s still hostility found on the streets, something Katie doesn’t back down from. “If a nigga opp then we drillin’ ‘em,” she threatens. She may be playing in a man’s world, but Katie’s got her own set of rules.


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