REMIX: Darkside – “Fragments Of Time” / “Instant Crush” [Daft Punk]


Nico Jaar already blew us away with his remix of Grizzly Bear’s “Sleeping Ute,” and now he’s at it again, with fellow Darkside member Dave Harrington assisting him in a total rework of Daft Punk’s fantastic 2013 album Random Access Memories.

While the French duo are slated to release their own remix of the album, Jaar and Harrington’s reworkings fit the aesthetic Jaar has by all counts perfected, through the thrilling Space Is Only Noise (2011), 2012’s “And I Say” and “The Ego”. His ability to create spacial depth, giving his tracks an expansive reality to live in, all while suspending time, is put to the test with the maxi-mist Memories acting as a giant hurdle to Darkside’s more minimalist approach.

By all accounts, the duo succeed, flipping Memories on its head, turning the Todd Edwards’ featuring “Fragments Of Time” into a much more down tempo affair, while “Instant Crush” keeps The Strokes’ Julian Casablancas’ earworm chorus largely intact, albeit slicing up the vocals to provide the track with a whole new personality, one more fitted to a 3am dance party.

Stream the whole darn thing below, and get ready for a totally different listening experience, but a lot less SWEAT.


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