ALBUM REVIEW: Run The Jewels – Run The Jewels

Run The Jewels artwork
Run The Jewels artwork

Screen Shot 2013-07-14 at 11.36.33 AM

ARTIST Run The Jewels

ALBUM Run The Jewels

LABEL Fool’s Gold

RELEASE DATE 26.6.2013

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MIXTAPE REVIEW: Katie Got Bandz – Drillary Clinton

Drillary Clinton artwork
Drillary Clinton artwork

ARTIST Katie Got Bandz

ALBUM Drillary Clinton

LABEL Lawless Inc.

RELEASE DATE 25.6.2013

8.3 | 10

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Quarterly Report: Best Tracks of 2013 (Part II)

Daft Punk
Daft Punk

Well, that was fast. 2013 is already halfway over, and we’ve already gotten enough new music to hold us over until 2015. While the first three months saw artists from My Bloody Valentine to Justin Timberlake releasing new music, these past three months have seen the likes of Savages, Daft Punk, Deerhunter, and Kanye West all release new albums.

Today, I bring you the second of four installments in the Quarterly Report series. I’ll be back with the best tracks of the third quarter of 2013 at the end of September. Until then, let’s take a look back at what the months of April all the way through June had to offer.

top fifty tracks (Q2)

50 Lorde, “Tennis Court”

49 The Child Of Lov, “Fly”

48 JAY Z, “Open Letter”

47 Savages, “Strife”

46 Sasha Go Hard, “Rondo”

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CURRENT: Kevin Gates – “4:30 AM”


Baton Rouge native Kevin Gates has cultivated a devout following in his hometown with mixtape after mixtape further showing his dedication to the game. On his 2013 mixtape The Luca Brasi Story, Gates’ expanded his empire, finally breaking through to the mainstream, which included glowing endorsements from SPIN and Pitchfork. Now he is set to release a studio LP, and the formidable rapper has just released the first official single off the new project, “4:30 AM.”

Gates’ delivery ranges from nonchalant to raging tenacity, creating a wholly unpredictable, always thrilling, listen. When the chorus hits, you can feel Gates taking off into the stratosphere, a feeling not unlike the one felt when listening to Kendrick Lamar’s breakout single “Swimming Pools (Drank).” Kevin Gates has certainly paid his dues. It’s time we paid him back.

Stranger Than Fiction is out 16 July via Atlantic Records. Stream “4:30 AM” below.


CURRENT: Phlo Finister – “Hotel Miami”


LA-based singer and stylist Elijah Finister records as Phlo Finister, creating hazy, sensual R&B that falls somewhere between Cassie and Jessie Ware. Her track “Hotel Miami” was first released in late 2012, but the song has been remastered and rereleased by Night Beach Records. Her past work as a stylist to Def Jam artists has suited her music career well, as the singer tinkers with a sound that is very much in line with the most popular R&B of today.

“Hotel Miami” begins with Finister asserting herself as the girl of your dreams, with her singing “I could be your call girl.” That brashness is leveed by her pleading, “Tell me you love me / Cause I don’t want to be alone. Kiss my so softly / Even though you do me wrong.” Even when she’s role playing she can’t mask her true feelings. “Meet me at the top floor / Room Twenty-Twelve,” she later coos during the chorus, a proposition made wholly irresistible by her impeccable delivery, which positions the singer as fully confident yet not bothered in the least if you decline the invitation. Someone else will surely step up to the plate.

Phlo Finister’s 2012 EP Poster Girl will be rereleased later this year via Night Beach Records.

CURRENT: Metz – “Can’t Understand”


Canadian outfit Metz are sure doing their fair share to make amends for the atrocities that sprung up due to the 00’s wave of Canadian rock bands such as Nickelback, Three Days Grace, and Default. As Consequence of Sound points out, the band are a part of this year’s [adult swim] Singles Program, and will release the fantastic “Can’t Understand” tomorrow.

COS provides an early stream of the track, and it’s every bit as good as one would expect from the group. Beneath the sheer force of the music lies an ear-worm melody that gives the listener a whole lot to sink her teeth into.

Check below for a full list of this year’s [adult swim] Singles Program participants.

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