CURRENT: MØ – “Waste Of Time”

Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 1.55.37 PM

One look at the video collage for MØ’s latest single, “Waste Of Time” will have viewers comparing her style to that of Grimes, The Neighbourhood, and Lana Del Rey. The DIY-inspired video might lead some to think MØ is still learning her way through the music industry, but even with a cursory listen to “Waste Of Time,” it’s evident she knows exactly what she’s doing. The bubbling synths harken back to 2012 darlings Purity Ring, while her ability to create an ear worm melody certainly follows in Grimes’ footsteps. The video earns extra credit for throwing in a choice clip from The Breakfast Club.

The new single makes no attempt to hide her desires of creating a pop smash. “Pilgrim” put MØ on the map, but “Waste Of Time” will most certainly expand her boundaries.


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