ALBUM REVIEW: Savages – Silence Yourself

Silence Yourself artwork
Silence Yourself artwork

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ARTIST Savages

ALBUM Silence Yourself

LABEL Matador


8.5 | 10

“I’m trying to be patient.”

“I’m sixty-five. How old are you?”

To put it frankly, Savages could not have come along at a better time. The four members, singer Jehnny Beth, guitarist Gemma Thompson, bassist Ayse Hassan, and drummer Fay Milton, challenge each other and the listener on their intense debut self-titled album. From the beginning, Savages show themselves to be much more than many other rock bands today. “Shut Up,” and “I Am Here” feature punishing choruses and Beth’s phenomenal vocal acrobatics. “Strife” features a classic rock riff, yet somehow maintains its originality. At no time does the thought of this being an all-female band enter the discussion. It’s a rather insignificant and unimportant fact that could have been much more of a talking point had the music not stimulated in the listener a strong emotional response.

“Waiting For a Sign” and the instrumental “Dead Nature” serve as a nice release from the hard hitting opening quartet. “Sign” is just as powerful as any song here, and it tries the least to bludgeon the listeners. That’s essentially the crux of this album; for all the bombast, nothing sounds forced in the execution of these songs. The breakneck pace that many of these songs finish in doesn’t sound contrived in the least. In actuality, it’s rather astounding how the intensity of these songs can increase from the already frenetic pace many of the songs begin in to something even more urgent by track’s end.

“She Will,” remains one of the best singles released this year. From the title onto the sonic qualities of the song, there is no doubt that whatever the female in the title expects will become reality. Silence Yourself is a call to the modern society that disconnecting from (virtual) reality can lead to great epiphanies. And instead of preaching to their audience, the band admits as much that they are guilty of the same constant seeking of stimulation as the rest of us. And just like the rest of us, as much as they are a part of the problem, they are also the only solution.


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