CURRENT: Vampire Weekend – “Ya Hey”


The new album from Vampire Weekend is shaping up to be one of the year’s best, with its excellent run of singles including “Diane Young,” “Step,” and now “Ya Hey.” The newest song does more than just flip the title of OutKast’s biggest hit, it also hits on the same lyrical themes of just how worth it love truly is. “The motherland don’t love you, the fatherland don’t love you,” Ezra Koenig sings here, sounding the most confident and full-bodied he ever has.

It’s not entirely clear how much of an input guitarist Rostam Batmanglij had lyrically on the song (he wrote the Contra track “Diplomat’s Son”), but the words being sung here could be a perfect capsule of the gay rights movement. “Why love anything,” inquires Koenig throughout; if you can’t receive the thing you want most in return for your own love, why even bother? The answer, it turns out, is right in the music.

Modern Vampires of the City is out 14 May 2013.


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