CURRENT: Jagwar Ma – “Man I Need” (White Label Version)

Howlin' artwork
Howlin’ artwork

“Let me show you babe, just all the man I can be,” sings Jono Ma, lead singer of the duo (sometimes trio) Jagwar Ma on their excellent new single. After “The Throw” was released this past January, it seemed as though that would be the mountain top which Jagwar Ma would continually be attempting to climb, yet with their latest track, “Man I Need,” the band has set themselves up for greater peaks, proving themselves worthy of the praise bestowed upon them after “Throw” and their debut single “Come Save Me” thrilled audiences.

Running well over nine minutes, the song begins as a force of Brit-pop, the musical movement of the mid-to-late 90s, before twisting and turning to seemingly incongruous parts, which are held together by the group’s strong focus. It’s a musical collage of sorts, wherein each unrelated section creates a breathtaking whole. By the time the song ends with ambient jungle noises, you’ll ask yourself “How did I get here?” It turns out that question is ultimately irrelevant. That the journey ever began is all that matters. Three songs in, this band shows no signs of slowing down.

“Man I Need” will be featured on Jagwar Ma’s forthcoming debut studio LP, Howlin’, due out 10 June via Marathon Artists.


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