CURRENT: Daft Punk – “Get Lucky”

As The Onion accurately surmised, this week. Jesus, this week.

The week that just won’t end has brought with it enough tragedy and fear and frustration to fill a year. So it’s fitting that at the end of one hell of a roller coaster week, Daft Punk lifts everyone’s spirit on their first single in over half a decade, “Get Lucky.” As you already know, the track features Pharrell Williams and Niles Rogers, with Rogers laying down a classic pop groove that is a huge reason for the song’s success. The enigmatic Daft Punk is certainly still running strong on musical ideas, and their robotic vocals during the second half here is the most euphoric moment in music this year.

Pharrell sounds right at home singing on top of the fantastic production, singing with the same punch as the Off the Wall-era Michael Jackson. “She’s up all night to get some, I’m up all night to get lucky,” he coos, burrowed in the beat. The radio edit provides us four minutes of the highly anticipated new album Random Access Memories. With a runtime north of 70 minutes, we are all certainly in for a treat if the rest of the music matches that bar set by “Get Lucky.”



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