CURRENT: Postiljonen – “Supreme”


Thanks to musical acts such as Robyn and The Knife and Icona Pop, Sweden is justifiably considered one of the most fertile places for pop musicians. There’s something about that country that continually produces artists worthy of our attention. Next in line in Sweden’s attempt at world domination is Postiljonen, a trio consisting of Daniel Sjörs, Joel Nyström Holm, and Mia Bøe.

The band’s latest single, “Supreme,” is a straight up slice of pop heaven with swirling, sparkling synths and breathy, airy vocals reminiscent of M83’s Anthony Gonzalez. It doesn’t take long for the song to pull the listener in and by the time the chorus hits, it’s just, as The Knife would say, “a cherry on top.”

“Supreme” is out now via Hybris Records. Stream the track below, via SoundCloud.


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