CURRENT: Evil Needle – “Summertime”

Time In Between artwork
Time In Between artwork

The Los Angeles label Soulection recently released their second compilation of genre-bending instrumental records by Soulection-affiliated producers including Sweater Beats, Supachip, and the artist behind CURRENT track “Summertime,” Evil Needle. Following on the heels of his excellent 2012 album Equilibrium, Evil Needle’s contribution to Time In Between – Soulection Compilation, Vol. 2 is the type of breezy, laid-back track everyone seeks out during these summer months.

According to the label, this new collection of tracks is meant to be one “that you can play years and years down the line and still get that original feeling of when you first heard it.” “Summertime,” with it’s relaxed, contemplative flow, recalls the “Summertime” performed by legends such as Billie Holiday and Janis Joplin. The song ends several moments too soon, but that’s the point; by the time the track comes to an end, you’ll want to hit the play button immediately, eventually creating some type of 21st century Pavlov’s dogs experiment. While the song isn’t necessarily “timeless” (it’s most certainly aimed to be the soundtrack for the summer months) there is a quality to it that hints at nostalgia and the rose-colored tint with which memories are most often viewed. Because of that, this most certainly will be a track that listener’s come back to year after year.

Time In Between – Soulection Compilation, Vol. 2 is now available on iTunes. Stream Evil Needle’s contribution below, via Soundcloud.


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