ALBUM STREAM: Savages – Silence Yourself

Silence Yourself artwork
Silence Yourself artwork

Savages are now streaming their debut album a full week before it hits shelves and digital outlets. Preceded by the two incredible singles “She Will” and “Shut Up,” the album is a relentless tour-de-fource. Give the album a spin over at the band’s website.

Silence Yourself is out 6 May 2013.


PLAYLIST: April 2013

Jagwar Ma
Jagwar Ma

For your convenience, here are the essential tracks and albums released in April. From the many high profile comebacks to the unearthed gems, they are all here. Songs and albums are in alphabetical order.

 april 2013 (best songs)

1. MGMT, “Alien Days”

2. DJ Koze feat. Milosh, “Amygdala”

3. Daft Punk, “Get Lucky”

4. Kurt Vile, “Goldtone”

5. Kelis, “Jerk Ribs”

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CURRENT: Kelis – “Jerk Ribs”



Kelis’ musical journey is a rather unusual one. Her breakthrough single, “Milkshake,” is one of the most memorably hits of the 2000s, and it’s still bringing all the boys to the yard. None of her singles since have matched the success of that song, although “Bossy” demands the same amount of attention. On Flesh Tone (2010) Kelis for the most part ditched the hip-hop realm her previous hits sat in, and in the process sounding more comfortable than ever before. Chalk it up to motherhood if you like, but Tone really set Kelis apart from her peers. While EDM certainly was already a fixture on Top 40, no singer sounded as comfortable in that environment as she did.

We got a small taste of new Kelis music on the excellent “Copy Cat” (2011), with her reminding everyone just how much she’s been an influence in the game. While that track had everyone expecting Flesh Tone, Pt. 2, her first official single off her new studio album, due out in September, is yet another musical 180 turn. She enlisted TV On The Radio’s Dave Sitek to produce the album, and the pairing works wonders. With “Jerk Ribs,” Kelis hits the same sweet spot inhabited by TV On The Radio’s excellent Dear Science. Her vocals have becoming increasingly soulful, and the production here fits perfectly in line with her performance. There is a retro-vibe to the track, in large part due to the inclusion of  a thrilling horn section, and when the chorus hits with Kelis crooning, “It feels just like it should,” there is not an objection to be heard from the audience.

“Jerk Ribs” is featured on Kelis’ new album, FOOD, due out this September.

REMIX: Cashmere Cat – “Do You” [Miguel]


Miguel’s excellent Kaleidoscope Dream deservedly served as the launching pad for the singer’s worldwide recognition, as he’s been busy touring with Alicia Keys, and working in the studio with such heavyweights as Mariah Carey and Beyoncé. Another benefit of his newfound fame is the attention his music has garnered from DJ’s and remix artists, such as Norway’s Cashmere Cat.

First released last month, Cat has now uploaded his remix of “Do You…,” one of last year’s best singles, as a free download. Miguel’s pristine, smooth vocals are given a more upbeat backdrop, giving his proposition of “Do you like drugs?” a much different effect, a proposition to a large crowd as opposed to a bedroom companion. Cashmere Cat stretches out the “drugs” until it becomes a high pitched squeal, acting as the catalyst that blows the lid off the track. In the end, this remix is as much a validation of Miguel’s compositional skills as it is Cat’s ability to create instant crowd-starters while retaining the original’s overall essence.