FUTURE standouts “Draco” + “Mask Off” find Future hitting on all cylinders

Near the end of 2016, long after best-of lists were published and the narratives surrounding the year’s prominent musicians had cemented, Future quietly released what turned out to be his best song of the year, the sparkling, K-Ci and JoJo sampling “Buy Love.” That song was the antithesis to the music Future released for the majority of the year; from his Purple Reign and Project E.T. mixtapes to the major label effort Evol, Future was at his darkest, most distant. But “Love” showed a light that Future carries with him on his self-titled new set, his most versatile release in quite some time. Continue reading “FUTURE standouts “Draco” + “Mask Off” find Future hitting on all cylinders”

LAS VEGAS, NV - SEPTEMBER 23: James Mercer of The Shins performs at the 2016 Life is Beautiful festival on September 23, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Brian Feinzimer/WireImage)

James Mercer gets autobiographical on the Shins’ charming new single “Mildenhall”

With Heartworms only weeks away from seeing release, the Shins have released the third pre-release single from their fifth studio album. “Mildenhall” follows “Dead Alive” and “Name For You,” and finds Mercer harkening back to his Oh, Inverted World and Chutes Too Narrow days. Continue reading “James Mercer gets autobiographical on the Shins’ charming new single “Mildenhall””


PWR BTTM arrive on a “Big Beautiful Day”

There’s no mistaking who PWR BTTM are. Drawing a line in the sand with their name alone, the duo – established when Liv Bruce and Ben Hopkins met at Bard University – is among our most unapologetically, explicitly queer musical acts in quite some time. While there are plenty of active gay musicians, and musicians that champion gay rights, none harness the two in such a brilliant, potent manner as PWR BTTM does on “Big Beautiful Day.” Continue reading “PWR BTTM arrive on a “Big Beautiful Day””


Definition of Insanity: The Grammy’s were at their Grammiest Sunday night

There’s a moment in the great early 2000s TV show Arrested Development when father Michael Bluth looks inside the family refrigerator and sees a bag labeled ‘Dead Dove.’ He looks inside the bag and yep, there’s a dead dove in there. “I don’t know what I expected,” he sighs. I felt the same way watching the Grammy’s Sunday night.

Besides searing, lively performances from Beyoncé, A Tribe Called Quest and Chance The Rapper (I would include Metallica/Lady Gaga if we could have heard the entire song), there was no mistaking this for anything other than the Grammys, the self-described biggest night in music. Continue reading “Definition of Insanity: The Grammy’s were at their Grammiest Sunday night”